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Profile: What We're About

Bob WrayNew Frontier Marketing, LLC was founded in 1998 by Robert R. (Bob) Wray, Jr. Bob began his career with Safeway in 1976. What he thought would be a part-time job before and after high school evolved into a lifelong career of marketing products and building brands with manufacturers for over thirty-six years. Bob continues as owner and CEO of New Frontier Marketing, LLC and the programs NFM currently participates in.

NFM’s mission is simple.
From its inception, the company has taken pride in three things:

1. Providing the best-possible effort towards building brands in the region NFM covers while working closely with those manufacturers to provide services and programs to retails, distributors, e-retailers and others to realize the highest-possible standards of salesmanship, partnership and fair business practices with those we serve in gaining results of higher sales and increased product distribution to consumers everywhere. Click HERE to read more about those we work with to build sales.

2. Providing a fair and stable work environment for those who are members of NFM to allow them to thrive in building sales and brands for those we work with in the manufacturing world as well as earn a fair living to support ourselves, our families and those closest to us in our world. Click HERE to read more about our great staff of specialists who are ready to work with you.

3. Be role models for social responsibility in our communities, including the local, national and international levels. NFM is actively involved in many giving programs and our members take pride in participating in many such ventures. NFM donates 2% of all GROSS REVENUES to these things that help make our world a better place. In 2010 our staff, through individual payroll deductions, matching contributions from NFM and the 2% giving program will purchase as many as six shelter boxes for temporary housing for the Haiti Relief program and provide comfort and shelter to about sixty people who lost everything in the terrible earthquakes that devastated this country.

New Frontier Marketing, LLC remains committed to the above three principles which all help our manufacturers realize their sales potential, our staff realize their desires of supporting themselves and their families in an industry they believe in, and also to help make our communities and world a better place to live in the process.


NEW FRONTIER MARKETING,LLCOFFICE: 253-336-5924 • FAX: 206-248-0216
MAIL: PO BOX 48229, BURIEN WA 98166

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